STUDENT'S BOOK: FILE 8A READING, on pages 76-77.

c. Clive thinks that the best way to complain is to write a polite letter.
   1. The smell of biscuits: he got some free packs of biscuits.
   2. A friend's faulty car: he got a Volkswagen Golf GTI (for his friend).
   3. His wife's fall during a holiday: he got  2,000 pounds (the cost of the holiday).
   4. Some old strawberries: his daughters were invited to Heathrow Airport to inspect British  Airways'catering facilities.

d.1. Don't lose your temper.                            4. Threaten action.
   2. Write a letter.                                           5. Don't be too specific.
   3. Know who you are writing to.                 6. Use flattery.

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