Here you are the key to the READING exercise on pages 70-71.


        a. Tchaikovsky was from Russia and was a composer of classical music.
        c. The place where he composed: his bedroom (photo 3)
            The place where he wrote letters: the sitting room and study (photo 2)
            His favourite place: the garden (photo 1)
       d. 1. Maidanovo: the village where Tchaikovsky rented a small house after leaving Moscow; it  was full of tourists and visitors and this is why he later moved to the house in Klin.
           2. The Pathétique symphony: he wrote it in the house in Klin.
           3. Alexei: he was Tchaikovsky's servant and lived on the ground floor of the house.
           4. Lilies of the valley: Tchaikovsky's brother planted thousand of lilies in the garden after Tchaikovsky's death as Tchaikovsky adored flowers, particularly lilies of the valley.
           5. Doroshenko: he was an anrchist who lived in Tchaikovsky's house after the Bolshevik Revolution. People say he shot at a painting in one of the bedrooms.
          6. The International Tchaikovsky Competition:the winner goes to Klin, plays on Tchaikovsky's piano, and plants a tree in his garden.

e. 1. tidy  2. remain  3. overlooking  4. hanging   5. turn into  6. plain  7. property  8. bookcase

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